Wheel camber

Diagnostics and adjustment of wheel alignment

To avoid difficulties with driving a car, each car owner is recommended to regularly check and adjust the wheel alignment

Diagnostics and adjustment of wheel alignment

To avoid difficulties with driving a car, each car owner is recommended to regularly check and adjust the wheel alignment


Once every 20,000 thousand km. Mileage

When changing tires seasonally

After running gear repair

The car does not keep the trajectory in a straight line

Observe uneven tire wear



Partial running gear diagnostics



Wheel alignment check


Comparison of readings with factory parameters


Wheel alignment adjustment


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Recommendations for the need for repairs


Wheel alignment

Service name Passenger car Cost Range
Wheel alignment from 550 UAH

Camber toe

Among all the procedures related to the maintenance and repair of vehicles, the adjustment of the camber of the vehicle wheels occupies a special place. And many motorists will confidently confirm this statement, based on personal experience or the experience of their friends. Indeed, in the list of services of a modern car service, there are not so many examples of how the desire to save money on an inexpensive procedure almost immediately leads to unforeseen expenses. And in this situation there is nothing unusual – refusing to pay 400-800 UAH. – the average cost of the collapse of the convergence, the driver can lose within 1-2 weeks from 5 to 10-20 thousand UAH. (average price of a set of R14 tires with installation and adjustment, at the time of writing this review). And in some situations. high-quality expensive rubber, without adjusting the location of the wheels of the vehicle relative to its body and the plane of the road, becomes completely unusable after several days of intensive use of the car.

If you value your time and money, then you can use the services of our service station, where you will not only adjust the wheel alignment, but also provide a full and free consultation on this issue. Well, the following information will help you independently understand the essence and importance of this technical procedure, without delving into the complex nuances of the process in question.

What is wheel alignment and why is it so important for any modern car

You do not need to have the knowledge and experience of a designer-engineer to understand a simple thing: there must be a correct angle between the wheels of a vehicle, otherwise the owner of the car may have serious technical problems. Each car has individual angle settings that depend on its make / model, year of manufacture and design features (for example, they differ depending on the drive of the car).

Let’s start the analysis of the question of what wheel alignment is. In the technical literature, the definition of convergence is quite often found, as the angle of inclination of the wheels relative to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. For rear-wheel drive cars, positive toe is characteristic, and for front-wheel drive, it is negative. This parameter is measured in degrees or millimeters.

Camber is the angle of inclination of the wheels in relation to the plane of the road surface. Negative camber – the wheels of the car are directed with their upper side inward, and positive when they look outward with their upper side.

The collapse of the convergence affects not only the life of the tires of your vehicle, these indicators depend on:

  • reliability of the coupling of wheels with the road surface;
  • a high level of maneuverability, controllability and stability of the car during complex maneuvers and when moving at high speeds;
  • normal operation and service life of the elements of the undercarriage of the machine;
  • the overall level of safety and comfort during the operation of the car.

When to adjust the camber and convergence

Based on the above information, we can conclude about the importance of such a procedure as wheel alignment regulation, but even among experienced motorists there are car owners who find it difficult to answer exactly when it should be carried out.

Highly qualified specialists of our car service recommend doing this in the following cases:

  • after repair of steering and suspension elements;
  • twice a year, combining the performance of these works with the seasonal replacement of tires (spring and autumn);
  • for preventive purposes, after passing every 20-30 thousand kilometers (if the vehicle is operated in conditions with very poor road surface, then you can do this more often, for example, after every 15-20 thousand kilometers);
  • if the car begins to pull to the side while driving;
  • with uneven tire wear;
  • after the vehicle has fallen into a large pit/ditch, open manhole, etc.;
  • when changing the clearance, after shortening the springs, inserting bushings;
  • if the vehicle has been subjected to large impacts.

Even if in the case of the above situations, you are sure that your car was not damaged, it is better not to take risks, but to seek help from car service specialists.

What you need to know when choosing a company that provides a car camber adjustment service

Despite the fact that the collapse of the convergence in Kyiv is carried out by many service stations and car services, you should not trust this procedure to unknown specialists. Unfortunately, situations where the car owner pays money without receiving what was promised in return are still encountered even in the capital of our country.

Note! If you were promised to make a wheel alignment, but before starting work they didn’t even check the pressure in the tires of the vehicle, then you are faced with unskilled workers! Do not trust them with your car, and with it the safety of road users!

In order not to doubt the quality of the specialized services provided, we recommend contacting the specialists of our car service. We carry out computer alignment collapse in Kyiv, using the most modern equipment and software. We always have interesting offers for vehicle owners, regardless of the brand / model of their car, its year of manufacture, design features, etc.

We have provided:

  • discounts and gifts for regular customers;
  • guarantee for all types of services provided;
  • the ability to check the condition of the tires in parallel with the adjustment of the camber;
  • free consultation on the technical condition of your vehicle.

All types of work that you will find in the list of car service services are carried out by highly qualified specialists, using expensive, modern equipment.


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