Vehicle maintenance

Car maintenance is an integral part of its operation and should be carried out regularly.

Is it necessary to service the machine? Definitely yes!

Why is it so important?

Regular vehicle maintenance helps to avoid serious problems, improves road safety, extends the life of the vehicle and increases its performance.

Scheduled car maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

What is included in maintenance?

The main works that are carried out as part of scheduled maintenance include changing the engine oil, checking and adjusting the brake system, monitoring the coolant level, checking the operation of lighting devices, checking and adjusting wheel geometry, checking and replacing air and fuel filters, checking and replacing alternator drive belts and pumps.

One of the main reasons why it is important to change your engine oil regularly is the fact that old oil can contain harmful impurities that can damage your engine. Untimely replacement of engine oil can lead to overheating of the engine and its breakdown.

Coolant level monitoring is also an important part of maintenance. Lack of coolant can lead to engine overheating and engine failure. In addition, check regularly for coolant leaks.

Light fixtures that fail can cause serious consequences on the road, so checking and repairing them is also an important part of maintenance.

The brake system also plays an important role in road safety, so it should be checked and adjusted regularly. A faulty brake system can lead to accidents.

Wheel inspection is also an important part of vehicle maintenance. Uneven tire wear can result in poor vehicle handling and braking performance. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the condition of the tires and their pressure, as well as to balance and adjust the wheel alignment.

Other malfunctions can also occur during the operation of the vehicle, therefore, during maintenance, it is necessary to diagnose all systems and mechanisms of the vehicle and eliminate the detected malfunctions.

How Often Do Scheduled Maintenance?

It is recommended to carry out scheduled maintenance in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. Usually, scheduled maintenance is recommended to be carried out at certain intervals or mileage of the car. For example, in most cars it is recommended to carry out scheduled maintenance every 10-15 thousand kilometers or once a year.

It is important to understand that car maintenance is not only about the safety of your car, but also about safety on the road. Regular maintenance helps to avoid serious accidents and increases the likelihood of saving life and limb while riding. Therefore, do not forget to carry out scheduled maintenance of your car in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and trust only professionals with experience and qualifications to carry out the work.

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