Refueling the air conditioner

Highly qualified MB Master craftsmen will refuel the air conditioner in a car in just 30 minutes.
We care about you and your time!
Take care of your comfort. Call and sign up for refueling the car air conditioner now!

The price of refueling the air conditioner: from 500 UAH

Refueling time: 30 minutes
Высококвалифицированные мастера MB Master произведут заправку кондиционера в авто всего за 30 минут. Мы заботимся о вас и вашем времени!
Совсем недавно кондиционер в машине считался предметом роскоши, но в современном мире – это необходимое условие для комфортного передвижения. По техническим характеристикам практически все автокондиционеры в различных авто схожи. Но есть и некоторые различия.

Итак, давайте рассмотрим особенности эксплуатации автокондиционеров: Автомобильные кондиционеры требуют намного большего внимания, нежели обычные бытовые и даже промышленные.

К негативным факторам, которые влияют на работу устройства можно отнести:
*Температурные перепады при ускорении или торможении ТС.
*Частые посторонние вибрации
*Скопление конденсата при работающем двигателе
Typical malfunctions of the cooling system:

[01] A/C compressor bearing wear;

[02] Natural wear of the air conditioning radiator;

[03] Breakdown of the evaporator and the appearance of odors;

[04] Low pressure due to refrigerant leak.

[05] Violation of the patency of the system;

[06] Depressurization of the air conditioning system

[07] Breakdown of the electromagnetic clutch of the air conditioner;

[08] High pressure in the system;

[09] Damage to the internal components of the unit;


Maintenance and repair of the cooling system

Service name Passenger car Cost Range
Replacing the cooling system fluid 600 UAH
Replacing the pump (without removing the timing belt) 800 UAH
Engine radiator replacement from 1,200 UAH
Replacing the nozzle of the cooling system from 200 UAH
Replacing the thermostat from 600 UAH
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Refueling the air conditioner

More recently, such a service as air conditioning filling was little in demand, and the number of service stations that provided it in the capital of Ukraine did not exceed 1-2 dozen. Today the situation has changed dramatically.

In order for the air conditioner to work properly, it must be properly and timely serviced. After all, fixing minor problems, cleaning and refueling the air conditioner will cost you much less than repairing this device. But before you turn to professionals for help, you need to have at least a general idea of \u200b\u200bthis procedure. To do this, you do not need to look for special literature, thematic sites and forums. It is enough to carefully read and remember the information presented in this review.

Why is it necessary to refuel the car air conditioner

During the operation of the car, natural wear and tear of all its parts, assemblies and assemblies occurs. Air conditioning in this case is no exception. Among the factors that affect the technical condition of the device in question, it is necessary to highlight the following:

How does air conditioning work in a car

During the operation of the car, natural wear and tear of all its parts, assemblies and assemblies occurs. Air conditioning in this case is no exception. Among the factors that affect the technical condition of the device in question, it is necessary to highlight the following:

  • extraneous vibrations;
  • sudden changes in air temperature;
  • liquid evaporation and accumulation of condensate when the power unit is running;
  • operation of the vehicle in extreme weather conditions;
  • non-compliance with the recommendations of the device manufacturer (on the operation of the air conditioner).

The above factors (in combination or separately) negatively affect the technical condition of cooling devices and lead to leakage of the working fluid (freon). In this case, timely refueling of the vehicle air conditioner will help to avoid costly repairs and provide the maximum level of comfort in the car, regardless of the air temperature.

What breakdowns lead to the need to refuel the air conditioner in the car

The list of the most common reasons for the loss of freon includes:

  • accumulation of rust in the radiator and pipelines;
  • wear and loss of elasticity of seals;
  • damage and depressurization of rubber elements.

At our service station, car air conditioners are refueled, regardless of their brand / model, year of manufacture, general technical condition and individual design features. If necessary, our specialists carry out general diagnostics of the ventilation and air conditioning system, antibacterial treatment of devices and any other work related to the restoration of the performance of cooling devices.

Self refueling air conditioner

Among motorists, there are often car owners who prefer to carry out repair work on their own, without the help of professionals. But refueling the air conditioner in “home” conditions can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. Filling the device at random, without special equipment, can lead to an excess of refrigerant. Excess freon enters the compressor and destroys important elements of this device. It should also be borne in mind that self-refueling the air conditioner is a potentially dangerous procedure for your health. Is it worth the risk?

What factors indicate the need for refueling the air conditioner

How to understand that your car air conditioner requires the help of specialists? This is evidenced by the following factors:

  • the device does not cool the interior of the car;
  • an unpleasant specific odor has appeared (accumulations of dangerous microbes and pathogenic microflora can lead to serious diseases);
  • there are extraneous knocks in the air conditioning system.

In the event of the occurrence of the above factors, you can use the services of our service station. Highly qualified specialists, using modern equipment, carry out refueling of air conditioners in Kyiv at affordable prices, providing a guarantee for the work performed.

Note! Refueling of the air conditioner with refrigerant should be carried out at least once every 2-3 years (for new vehicles) and once a year (for vehicles older than 6-7 years).

Why car enthusiasts choose our company

An individual approach and attentive attitude to each client of our service station are the main principles of work of all employees of the company. Here you can not only fill the air conditioner with high-quality refrigerant, but also check the system for leaks, clean it of fungi (mold, debris), fix other problems with the device or conduct a complete diagnosis of its performance.


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