How do you know it’s time to change your windshield?

What is the windshield for in a car?

The windshield plays an important role in a car. It not only protects the driver and passengers from the effects of wind, dust, insects and precipitation, but also serves as one of the main components of the car body structure, giving it strength and structural integrity. In addition, it is the main element of the optical system of the car, providing good visibility to the driver.

Car windshield life

The windshield, like any other part of the car, has a certain service life. On average, it can last from 5 to 10 years, depending on the operating conditions of the car and the quality of the glass itself. However, while the windshield can be quite strong and durable, it is still at risk of damage that requires immediate attention.

How to know when it’s time to change your windshield

The risks of driving with a damaged windshield can be significant. Therefore, it is important to know how to know when it is time to replace your car windshield. One of the first signals is the appearance of cracks, chips or other damage on the glass. Even if the damage seems small or insignificant, it can expand over time and lead to serious problems. In addition, cracks and chips can reduce the visibility of the driver and affect the quality of the optics, increasing the risk of accidents.

Car Windshield Replacement Needed

When passing a technical inspection of a car with cracks or chips on the windshield, problems can arise. What cracks are allowed on the windshield during the inspection depends on the region and the rules established in it. However, in general, cracks that cross the driver’s windshield wipe area or block their field of vision are not allowed. Therefore, if your glass has such damage, replacement becomes necessary.

Should I Replace Cracked Glass?

If there is a small crack on the windshield, you may decide to ignore it or postpone replacement. However, this is not the most secure solution. The crack may continue to expand due to vibrations and temperature changes, especially when the glass is heated or the air conditioner is used. In addition, even a small crack can reduce the strength of the glass and increase the risk of breakage upon impact or accident.

Which Is Better: Windshield Repair Or Replacement

In some cases, if the damage to the windshield is minor and does not affect its structural integrity, repair is possible. However, this depends on the type of damage and its location. If the crack is too large or located in a critical area, a complete glass replacement is recommended. Repair may be a temporary solution that does not guarantee complete safety and may result in repeated damage.

How many times can glass be repaired?

The number of possible windshield repairs depends on the characteristics of the damage and the requirements of the glass manufacturer. Usually glass can be repaired several times, but there are limitations. If the glass is repaired too often and repeatedly, its strength and integrity may be impaired, which may lead to the need for a complete replacement.

What Not to Do After Car Windshield Replacement

After replacing the windshield, it is important to follow some rules and recommendations. In the first few hours after glass replacement, it is better to avoid strong vibrations, sudden temperature changes and car washing. This will allow the adhesive used to install the glass to completely dry and set. It is also recommended to avoid the use of ammonia-based glass cleaners, as they can damage the glass coating and reduce its strength.

Knowing when to replace your car windshield is important for the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers. If you find cracks, chips, or other damage to the glass, do not delay replacement. Contact the experts to assess the condition of the glass and decide on the need for repair or replacement. Remember that in the case of a windshield, prevention of problems is better than their consequences.

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