Diagnostics and repair of the brake system

The braking system is one of the most important systems in a car, as it ensures the safety of the driver and passengers on the road. It is important to know the rules of daily diagnostics of the brake system in order to detect malfunctions in time and avoid accidents.

Rules for the daily diagnosis of the brake system of a car

The brakes of the car should be checked before every ride. To do this, press the brake pedal and check how easily it is pressed. If the brake pedal is too soft, there may be a problem with the braking system. It is also necessary to check the level of brake fluid in the expansion tank.

If there is noise or vibration when you press the brake pedal, this may indicate worn brake pads or discs. In this case, it is necessary to contact specialists for diagnostics and repair of the brake system.

The main traditional malfunctions of the brake system

Major brake system failures can be caused by worn brake pads or discs, loss of brake fluid, brake fluid leakage, wheel release due to brake cylinder failure, or brake pipe corrosion.

Services of our technical center

In our MB Master technical center, we offer a wide range of services for the diagnosis and repair of the vehicle’s brake system. We check the brakes, adjust the brakes, replace the brake pads and discs, turn the brake discs on the car and eliminate squeaks and vibrations during braking.

Brake Check

We carry out a comprehensive inspection of the brake system, including the inspection of brake pads, discs, brake cylinders, brake hoses and brake pipes. We also check the brake fluid level and its quality.

Brake Adjustment

If necessary, we adjust the brakes to ensure maximum braking performance and safety on the road. Adjusting the brakes includes adjusting the springs and brake levers.

Replacement Brake Pads And Discs

Wear on the brake pads and discs can lead to poor vehicle braking performance and increase the risk of an accident on the road. We offer replacement brake pads and discs for vehicles of various makes and models. We use only high-quality spare parts from trusted manufacturers.

Brake disc turning on a car

When the brake discs are worn out, we can carry out the disc turning procedure to restore their geometry and surface. The groove of the brake discs improves the braking performance of the car and extends the life of the brake system.

Eliminate squeaks and vibrations when braking

Squeaks and vibrations during braking can be caused by faulty brake pads, discs or other elements of the brake system. Our experts will diagnose and eliminate the cause of squeaks and vibrations during braking.

In our technical center, we are ready to provide you with all the necessary services for the diagnosis and repair of the brake system of your car. We use only quality parts and modern equipment to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety of your vehicle. Turning to us, you can be sure of the safety and reliability of your car on the road.

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