Collapse convergence: what is it, how and why is it done

What is wheel alignment

The process of convergence-collapse involves the adjustment of the wheels of a car in relation to the body in two phases: collapse and convergence.

The safe handling of the machine depends entirely on how the wheels are set up correctly. The rapid depreciation of rubber and / or the complication of corner entry are just a trifle of an unprofessional wheel alignment repair.

First, let’s explain the basic terminology.

Convergence – the position of the azimuth of the wheels of one axle to each other. Convergence exists both positively and negatively. If the wheel is placed inside the front side, then it is positive, and if it is placed outside, then it is negative.

As a rule, each of the two options is common. For cars on the rear drive – positive, on the front – negative.

Camber – the discrepancy between the azimuth of the wheels in relation to the symbolic line vertically or the surface of the track. The collapse can be:

  • positive – the slope of the upper side outward;
  • neutral – the same distance between both the lower and upper parts of the wheels on the same axle;
  • negative – the slope of the upper side inward.

What affects the collapse of convergence

In the case of a uniform setting of the angles of convergence of the wheels:

  • the adhesion force of the wheels with the road increases;
  • the wear of the tire protector is minimized;
  • improves the stability of the car when driving.

How often do you need to align a car

It is equally necessary to make adjustments and keep them pumped up and safe and sound. Unfortunately, motorists give too little attention to wheel alignment, which is a common mistake. With an incorrect wheel alignment, a strip of troubles may appear, such as:

  • reduced maneuverability and controllability of the car;
  • uncomfortable driving;
  • tires wear out faster;
  • through an increase in load, the life of the suspension elements decreases;
  • more fuel is consumed.

The process of adjusting the alignment should be done once a year or with a run of 20-30 thousand km.

How is camber adjusted?

First you need to make sure that both front wheels are balanced and that the running car is functioning properly and reliably. This phase occurs before the alignment adjustment.

Following the restoration or change of the required nodes, the process must be reproduced again.

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